Espumante Bruto Branco 2021

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A funky skin contact pet-nat from Portugal.  A crowd pleaser for any occasion.



Gentle with soft bubbles and notes of banana, tangerine, yeast and minerals.


  • 12%


  • 2021


  • Sparkling
  • Orange

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Salad, Sushi, Vietnamese Cuisine

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Fernão Pires

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Bairrada, Portugal

The Producer

About Duckman

The Duckman wines epitomize the essence of Bairrada's indigenous grape varieties and its distinctive maritime influence. Deliberately eschewing any indication of the region on their labels, Maria Pato, daughter of Luis Pato, spearheaded this project to showcase the region's terroir and varietal authenticity with minimal cellar intervention. Fueled by a deep love for Bairrada and its native grapes, Maria and Luis reject the notion of Bairrada wines being defined by imported varietals, affirming that true Bairrada wine must stem from indigenous grapes. Working primarily with two vineyards, Amoreira da Gândara with sandy soils and Óis do Bairro with chalky-clay soils, they cultivate an array of red and white varietals, including Baga, Bical, Cercial.

About the Region

Bairrada, Portugal

Nestled in the heart of Portugal, the Bairrada region is a hidden gem in the world of natural wine. Known for its cool maritime climate and limestone-rich soil, Bairrada provides an ideal terroir for cultivating indigenous grape varieties like Baga and Maria Gomes. Natural winemakers in Bairrada embrace a holistic approach, focusing on organic and biodynamic practices to nurture their vineyards. By eschewing synthetic additives and pesticides, they allow the grapes to express their true essence, resulting in wines that showcase the region's unique character and sense of place. Bairrada's natural wines are distinguished by their vibrant acidity, earthy minerality, and fine tannins, reflecting both the Atlantic influence and the ancient winemaking traditions of the region. From elegant sparkling wines to age-worthy reds, Bairrada offers a diverse range of natural expressions that captivate the palate and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Portugal.

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