Las Nubes 2020

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French Pinot Noir natural red wine that offers a bouquet of red fruit like cherry and raspberry, with hints of spice and earth. Balanced acidity keeps the wine fresh and lively on the palate. The tannins are subtle and integrated, providing a smooth mouthfeel. The finish lingers with a touch of fruit and spice, inviting another sip.


Cherry, blackcurrant, violets, rose petals and allspice.


  • 11.5%


  • 2020


  • Red

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Pinot Noir

Funky Scale

Mostly Classic


Casablanca Valley, Chile

Dominique Derain Winemaker

The Producer

About Dominique Derain

Dominique Derain is a pioneer of biodynamic viticulture in Burgundy. Even before studying winemaking in Beaune, he started his career crafting wine barrels, showcasing his deep understanding of the craft. In 1988, his dedication took root when he and his wife purchased vineyards in Saint-Aubin, a hidden gem bordering prestigious Burgundy appellations. There, they embraced biodynamic practices, using organic elements like manure and silica to nurture the vines. This commitment earned them biodynamic certification in 1989, making them one of the earliest adopters in the region. What truly sets Dominique apart is his pursuit of finesse and minimal intervention. He ages his wines in stainless steel, concrete, or fiberglass tanks before a final rest in older oak barrels. This gentle approach allows the unique character of Saint-Aubin's grapes to shine through, resulting in wines known for their subtlety, minerality, and delicate herbal notes. Though he has handed over the daily operations, Dominique's influence is still felt. He continues to be involved in the vineyards and cellar, while also collaborating on exciting new projects abroad.

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