“MM" Collioure Red NV

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A fruity French red wine with dark fruit flavors, red berry aromas, aged tannins, and earthy notes.


Plums, raspberry, orange rind, vanilla and chocolate.


  • 14.5%


  • NV


  • Red

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Mexican Pork Tamales, French Veal Ragout, Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

natural wine varietal


grenache noir, mourvèdre

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Adventure Level

Mostly Classic


Collioure, France


The Producer

About Domaine Nenu

Rasmus Aamand, a young Danish biologist and winemaker, established his vineyard in 2017, shortly after moving to Collioure. He is dedicated to creating pure wines, employing natural vinification techniques that exclude chemicals, utilize wild yeasts, and avoid additives.

About the Region

Collioure, France

The natural wine profile of Collioure paints a vivid picture of the rugged beauty and maritime influence of this picturesque region in southern France. Nestled along the rocky coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, Collioure's vineyards bask in ample sunshine tempered by the cooling sea breezes, creating an ideal microclimate for grape cultivation. The combination of schist soils and steep terraced slopes lends a distinctive minerality and complexity to the wines, while the native grape varieties such as Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Carignan thrive in this unique terroir. Collioure natural wines embody a sense of place, with each bottle encapsulating the essence of the sun-drenched hillsides, salty sea air, and rich cultural heritage of the region. Crafted with minimal intervention and a deep respect for the land, these wines offer a sensory journey that transports enthusiasts to the heart of Collioure's winemaking tradition, where artistry, tradition, and nature converge in every exquisite sip.

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