Alba Mixtura 2020

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Is there something in the water in the Czech Republic? Cuz sometimes it seems like everything Czech—from its literature to film to wine—is surreal. In the case of this wine, two images came to mind at first sip: blue cheese and lemon-lime Gatorade. As you can guess from those clues, this bottle is funkier than The Mothership Connection itself, though not in a "drinking kombucha in a rodent cage way," but more like "shoving your nose into wet soil to find truffles." Dunno about you, but that's literally our idea of a fun Friday night—especially if they're serving lemon-lime Gatorade at the after party. Delicious in a Kafka-esque kinda way. Thanks Dluhe Grefty! Thanks Kafka!



Lemon, lime, peach, apricot and honeysuckle.


  • 13%


  • 2020


  • Sparkling

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Moravia, Czech Republic

Dluhe Grefty Winemaker

The Producer

About Dluhe Grefty

By day, Jaroslav Tesarik is a regular IT dude, but his after-hours are all about wine! He and his family (wife and 4 little ones!) run a small winery called Dluhe Grefty, a name that means "long vineyard row" in the old Mutěnice dialect. They take care of these amazing old vines (some up to 80 years old!) scattered around town. Jaroslav's on a mission to capture the unique essence of Mutěnice in every bottle. The labels are pretty awesome too - designed by a friend and inspired by his lovely wife Pavlína or their kids, all with a splash of traditional Moravian folk art. Jaroslav clearly loves his village's heritage - you can see the same beautiful floral patterns on his house and cellar!

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