Les Grands Terriers 2018

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100% Gamay Beaujolais Villages on a very steep plot passed down from grandfather, to father, to son. Full carbonic in a fiberglass egg, with spice and black fruit. Decant for 15-20 to blow off some of the funk!



  • 14%


  • 2018


  • Red

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Pork, Heavy Starches, Turkey



Funky Scale

Middle of the Road


Beaujolais, France

The Producer

About David Large

David is a young winemaker who’s mastering the countless ways you can express the Gamay grape. Tasting in the cellar was an experience of the senses. He’s an avid lover of movies, hip hop, and mixed martial arts that brings some of that personality directly into his work. Movies, albums, and quotes are scattered across both the cellar and the wine labels themselves. Our tasting experience in the cellar that day was an incredible study in the varietal characteristics of the Gamay grape and the way it can take on completely different personalities depending on the terroir of the plot in which the grapes grew. For David, each Cuvee is like its own album or movie. Broadly speaking, you can separate the wines from David Large into two buckets. Negociant wines, and Vigneron wines. As the name implies, Negociant wines are made from grapes he purchased. The reason for this, as explained to us, is pretty simple. David owns and rents several plots of land, mostly that which he inherited from his father then converted to organic wine growing. His goal is to continue growing and acquiring more of his own land, but, as is the case in almost every “classical” wine region, quality land is incredibly expensive. However, the quality of the negociant wines is every bit as high as the vigneron wines. Negociant wines are easy to identify by the labels. They all feature some type of cassette image on the front. Piranha is an example of a negoce wine. Every negoce wine still fits into our requirements for natural wine.