Don't Panic I'm Natural #20 (Orange) 2021

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A burst of sunshine in a glass! This unique Airen natural orange wine has juicy citrus fruit flavors, stone fruit aromas, tropical fruit notes, bright acidity, minimal tannins and a refreshing finish.


Orange, lemon, apricot, mango,honeysuckle, and pepper.


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  • 2021


  • Orange

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Castilla y León, Spain

Bodegas Coruña del Conde

The Producer

About Coruna del Conde

Julien Hamou Lopez's grandfather wasn't your typical Ribera del Duero winemaker. After planting vines in Coruña del Conde in 1970, he spent the next 40 years working in French wine and barrel making. When he returned to Spain in 1990, he brought with him a wealth of experience and a deep respect for nature. This philosophy guided him as he transformed his family's 8 hectares into a unique biodiverse farm. Unlike many in the region using commercial methods, his goal was to create "living wines" that expressed the character of the grapes and the land. Julien took over the winery in 2013, following his father Alberto López Calvo's passing in 2012. Working alongside his wife Angelica and some cousins, Julien continues his grandfather's legacy. Their commitment to natural practices is evident in their vineyards. Remarkably, about 60% of their vines are over 100 years old, with the youngest being a respectable 23 years. This dedication to old vines and sustainable practices extends to the soil. They avoid chemical treatments altogether, opting for natural solutions like nettle, horsetail, and chamomile manure produced on their estate. This minimal intervention approach allows the grapes to develop a deep connection to their terroir, resulting in wines with exceptional character and a true reflection of place.

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