Castellar Cava NV

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Fine n bubbly! From one of the largest vineyard owners in the region of Penedés. Aged for 12 months on the lees. Aromas of green apple and citrus. On the palate, fresh with citruses such as lime and a hint of sweetness.

Clean, crisp, and fresh!


  • 11.5%


  • NV


  • Sparkling

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Tapas, Appetizers, Seafood


Xarel-lo, Macabeu, Parellada

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Mostly Classic


Catalunya, Spain

celler vilafranca winemaker catalunya spain

The Producer

About Celler Vilafranca

Celler Vilafranca is owned by 100 associated grape growers. Consisting of 2053 acres of vineyards, comprising 3% of the entire Penedès DO. Location: Zone 5, northeast Spain, a few miles south of Barcelona in the Alt Penedès sub-region of the Penedes DO. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, at 577ft. the vineyards and the winery are located in the town of Vilafranca del Penedès. Where vines, which existed prior to the 4th century BC, were introduced by the Ancient Greeks. Climate: The average temperature between April and October is 66'F higher than the standard in Zone 5, and with rainfall amounts of 24 inches annually. The higher temperatures induce greater amounts of sugar, while the altitude and rainfall, give greater acid levels, balancing each other, while improving the freshness and the aromas of the wines. Soil:The topsoil is limestone and sand. The sand provides good drainage into the deeper water-retaining clay subsoil layers, nourishing the vine when necessary. The vines root systems are able to penetrate up to 30 feet through the deep soil in search of water, particularly in times of drought. These soils are relatively poor in organic matter, giving to lower yields per vine, resulting in greater skin to juice ratio per berry. This results in greater intensity and concentration of flavors. What makes Casteller wines unique? Celler Vilafranca owns 3% of the vine lands within the Penedès DO, resulting in superior quality grapes wine at an amazing price point. Casteller Wines are superb values. Celler Vilafranca's large estate holdings is to a great advantage, allowing them to select the finest grapes from their 2000 plus acres of vines, producing consistent quality wines year after year. - Cream Wines