Negrette Fronton 2018

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Negrette isn't a typical grape to find outside of bulk wine from Southwest France, but this is an epic example of what it can do when it's given the love and care it deserves! Anne Arbeau, mother and PhD in Fluid Mechanics took over her family's wine business in 2004 and never looked back!


With semi-carbonic, this wine is juicy to the max with bright fruit and violets to start then a heartier finish with leather and pepper.


  • 12


  • 2018


  • Red

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Stews, Duck, Pork



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Mostly Classic


Fronton, France

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The Producer

About Anne Arbeau

Together, Anne and Géraud Arbeau, brother and sister, are continuing to write the family history begun by their ancestor Pierre a century ago. Care of the vines, winemaking and the sales side as well, the pair never stop. Staunch defenders of the values of the South-West to which they are deeply attached, Anne and Géraud sell Fronton wines from the Capitole in Toulouse to the United States, from the Place Nationale in Montauban to China… In short, to the four corners of the earth. - Vin de Fronton