Organical Anarchy Sivi Pinot [ramato] 2021

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There are wines in the world that are as prized for their flavor and character as they are for their rarity. Producers like Overnoy, Rayas, and Selosse have miniscule outputs that are inverse to the big love people have for their wines. But there are some wineries that produce so little wine that they have almost no chance of developing the same fanbase. Aci Urbajs works with less than three acres of vines! To give you a sense of how tiny that is, Overnoy, the smallest of the previously mentioned legends, is nearly 7 times that size, while the largest, Rayas, is almost 13 times larger. But what makes Aci's wines so special isn't just the rarity; it is their unbridled energy. These are examples of truly living wines. The Sivi Pinot (Pinot Grigio for the normies) is done with skin-maceration, and the result is closer to the light reds we love than a typical orange. A style that is practiced in Aci's neighborhoods of Friuli and Slovenia, popularized by the late, great Stanko Radikon, Ramato (skin-macerated Pinot Grigio) wines are the grown-up gastronome’s Pinot Grigio. None of that insipid happy-hour house white in these halls. So break out your biodynamic glassware, à la Aci Urbajs and enjoy.




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  • 2021


  • Orange

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Pinot Grigio

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Styria, Slovenia

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