Senza Vandalismi Cesanese 2021

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Refreshing and fruit forward with subtle smoky and herby notes! Made with a rare grape that is making a much-needed comeback!


Cherries, raspberries, and spices!


  • 13.5


  • 2021


  • Red

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Charcuterie, Pasta, Game



Funky Scale



Abruzzo, Italy

The Producer

About Abbia Nova

Located in the town of Piglio, forty kilometers south of Rome in the Lazio wine region. Abbia Nòva’s vines are steeped in history. Bernard of Clarivaux took his vows here (and the teachings of the Monastic tradition, including agriculture) before going to Burgundy. The Roman emperors Nerva and Trajan would pass their summers in villas, that used to be on the fields that Abbia Nòva cultivates today. For the past four hundred years one variety has prevailed over all others in Piglio, Cesanese d’affile. Cesanese may be the main protagonist in the vineyards of Abbia Nòva, but that doesn’t mean they have not committed themselves to giving a voice to other ancient varietals, such as Passerina and Nostrano. Cousins Daniele and Pierluca Proietti come from humble farming families. The two employ a natural agricultural approach, often quite personal, in constant flux, that reflects who they are: a fusion of local traditions and of something that is deeply cultural, that they’ve built from teachings and influences of the many natural methods they’ve experimented with through the years. The cellar is a small country house located high in the mountains on the ancient consular Roman road. Consisting of only two rooms with amphoras, concrete tanks, barrels, and glass demijohns. These are wines that are truly made by hand. - Rooted Selections