Fledermaus Weiss 2021

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Light-bodied and dry palate features a refreshing acidity, with citrusy lime and grapefruit notes enhancing the initial fruitiness. Silvaner, aged in steel tanks, imparts structure, while Müller-Thurgau, aged in old oak barrels, adds creaminess. The finish is clean and crisp, leaving lingering citrus and mineral nuances. Named after the vineyard's grey long-eared bats aiding natural insect control, this natural wine expresses terroir with minimal intervention.  Versatile and easy-drinking, it pairs seamlessly with seafood, salads, poultry, or vegetarian dishes.

Pear, peach, guava, green apple, and jasmine.


  • 11.5%


  • 2021


  • White

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Pretzel Bites with Beer Cheese Dip, Shrimp Tacos, Teriyaki Salmon with Ginger-Soy Glaze


Muller Thurgau, Silvaner

Funky Scale

Middle of the Road


Franken, Germany

2NatureKinder Winemakers Micheal  Voelker and Melanie Drese

The Producer

About 2Naturkinder

Micheal Voelker and Melanie Drese bring a unique perspective to winemaking, having spent years exploring various fields and living across the globe in cities like Heidelberg, Regensburg, London, and New York. Their journey led them back to Franconia, Bavarian Germany, in 2013, where they began taking over Michael's father's winery in Kitzingen. Despite Michael's father's background as a seasoned winemaker and his role on the quality control board for the appellation, Micheal and Melanie embarked on the 2naturkinder label as a side project, committed to crafting natural wines without additives. This commitment has since evolved into a full-fledged endeavor, encompassing the entirety of the winery's production. Notably, Michael's passion for the environment extends to his fascination with bats in the vineyard, inspiring some of their label designs. His dedication is exemplified by the use of bat guano from a local conservancy as fertilizer, and he even sponsors a research project investigating the invaluable role of bats in the vineyard ecosystem. Tasting 2naturkinder wines is an invitation to experience the intersection of winemaking, environmental stewardship, and a rich family legacy, making their wines a distinctive and worthwhile exploration.