Summer Shipping

chillable red natural wines
chillable red natural wines

Options for shipping wine during the summer 

With temperatures rising, you can keep your wines safe en route to your home by adding an insulated box made from all recyclable materials with an ice pack to your order to protect your wine on its way to you!

Our wine currently ships from NY. Transit times vary from 1-2 business days for most of the east coast to 3-5 business days for the west coast. We offer 2 options of shipping in the summer months (June-August).

      • UPS Ground:¬†
        • This is our standard shipping without any additional precautions for heat.¬†
      • Add Recyclable Insulated Box + Ice Pack ($10):

      Club Member Shipping Options

      Wine club members have the same options as the retail orders but will need to update add on the product in their subscription portal! 

      Access your account by clicking on the person outline at the top of the page.

      Add Ice Pack + Recyclable Insulated Box to Shipments

      When you log in, you'll be taken to a page that shows past orders and the addresses associated with your account. This is helpful for knowing what you've ordered but is NOT where you update your address or billing information for the club. To get to the page where you can update your information, click "Manage Subscription."

      After you've navigated to the manage your subscription page, you will have the options to add the Ice Pack + Recyclable Insulated Box from the red carousel at the top of the subscriptions page.

      Click the + button and choose whether you'd like it to be added to next order only or your entire subscription from June-August.


      After confirming your choice you're good to go for the summer months!

      We will reset the shipping options in September, so no action will be needed to revert back to standard shipping!

      What packaging are we using?

      InsulShield boxes which are made from 97% renewable corrugated board.

      This alternative to foam is engineered to keep wine safe for 72 hours, exceeding the performance of EPS foam while greatly reducing the environmental impact and consumer inconvenience of foam packaging disposal.  

      InsulShield compared to EPS Foam, per 1,000 packages 

      • 74%¬†reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions, equal to 5.28 thousand miles of car travel¬†

      • 82%¬†reduction in water consumption, the equivalent of 2.18 thousand buckets of water¬†

      • 63%¬†reduction in cumulative energy demand, enough to power 256.59 houses for a day¬†

      • 51%¬†reduction in fossil fuel emissions, equal to 2.76 thousand miles of car travel¬†

      • 69%¬†reduction in solid waste, enough to fill 12.72 household wheeled garbage bins¬†

      Drain-safe ice packs

      Nordic Drain Safe gel packs are durable, reusable, and long-lasting poly gel packs. These packs offer the same performance as traditional gel packs with the added benefit of being 100% safe for disposal in a household drain. These are safely processed within municipal wastewater or home septic systems.

      How to recycle your InsulShield box

      With just a little effort, your box and any silver-lined inserts are curbside recyclable. Follow these simple steps and feel good about doing your part to keep our environment healthy and happy.


      1. Empty your box of its content

      2. Open the bottom flaps

      3. Rip or safely cut open the box along a corner or seam.

      4. Lay the box flat with the silver lining facing up.

      5. Peel the silver lining off and discard. Note: For easy peeling, start at any edge and tear a notch downward. The silver lining will separate from the board. You can then slowly peel the silver sheet away.

      6. Recycle the box as usual. Note: It is acceptable for a small amount (10% or less) of silver lining to stay adhered and should not affect recyclability.


      If you have any questions, please reach out to us at and we will get your account sorted with you!