Producer Profile

ZAFA Wines

Vermont, with its lack of wine regulations, provides fertile ground for experimentation, a playground perfectly suited for innovators like Krista Scruggs. Rather than conforming to typicity and tradition, Krista embraces the unique terroir of Vermont and the diverse fruits it yields, pushing boundaries and exploring possibilities. As both a farmer and winemaker, she intimately connects with the land, allowing each vintage to inform her decisions on grape blending and the inclusion of apples or other fruits in co-fermentation.

Where The Wines Come From


Vermont, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of New England, produces natural wines that reflect the region's pristine beauty and commitment to sustainability. With vineyards dotted across rolling hillsides and fertile valleys, Vermont benefits from a cool continental climate and rich, diverse soils. Here, winemakers embrace a philosophy of minimal intervention, cultivating grapes using organic and biodynamic practices that respect the land and its natural rhythms. Indigenous grape varieties such as Marquette, La Crescent, and Frontenac thrive in this unique terroir, yielding wines of exceptional purity and expression. From crisp, aromatic whites to vibrant and fruity reds, Vermont's natural wines capture the essence of the region's rugged terrain and pioneering spirit, inviting drinkers to savor the true essence of New England with each sip.