Producer Profile

Sergio Drago

Sergio Drago is gaining recognition as one of the top winemakers in northwestern Sicily. His innovative approach is bringing fresh new wines to the forefront. With two hectares in Alcamo, situated between Marsala and Palermo, Sergio focuses on cultivating the native Sicilian grape, Catarratto. His wines are organic, with no intervention in the cellar or vineyard.

sergio drago winemaker

Where The Wines Come From


Sicily is the ultimate wine playground, an island paradise where fiery Mount Etna meets cool ocean breezes. Think sunshine-soaked grapes ripening in volcanic soil, bold reds like Nero d'Avola (think juicy black cherry) and fragrant whites like Grillo (hello, citrus!). Beyond the classics, there's a treasure trove of unique native grapes. It's a place where history swirls in your glass, from ancient Greek techniques to delicious sun-dried Marsala. A beach bum's haven, and a wine lover's playground, all rolled into one!

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