Producer Profile

Poderi Cellario

Fausto and Cinzia Cellario, 3rd generation winemakers from Carru` in the Langhe, are staunch advocates of local winemaking traditions. They work exclusively with indigenous Piemontese grape varieties, maintaining organic vineyard practices across their 30 hectares spread over five different sites in the southern Langhe. Their Dogliani plot, located in Novello and Monforte, is particularly esteemed, establishing them as Dolcetto specialists. Fermentation occurs naturally with indigenous yeasts, and sulfur is sparingly added, only at bottling if necessary, a practice uncommon for a winery of their size.

poderi cellario winemaker

Where The Wines Come From


Piedmont, a region renowned for its rich winemaking traditions, offers a captivating profile in its natural wines, reflecting the terroir and heritage of the area. Crafted from indigenous grape varieties such as Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto, Piedmont's natural wines showcase a remarkable depth of flavor and complexity. With a focus on minimal intervention and organic farming practices, these wines exude purity and elegance, boasting enticing aromas of ripe red fruits, floral notes, and hints of spice. On the palate, Piedmont's natural wines captivate with their harmonious balance, displaying vibrant acidity, silky tannins, and a lingering finish that speaks to the region's distinct terroir. Whether it's a robust Barolo, a lively Barbera, or a refreshing Dolcetto, Piedmont's natural wines offer a true expression of the land and a testament to the timeless artistry of winemaking in this revered Italian region.