Producer Profile

Piri Naturel

Christine has been inspired by her own work in her vegetable gardens, and is becoming more and more interested in biodyanamic practices. Christine works only with wild yeast, never fines or filters, and adds either zero or very low amounts of sulfur. Her labels show local flora that she collected in or around her vineyard sites, handprinted on fabric, and that had digitized to make the labels. -Jenny & Francois

Where The Wines Come From


The Nahe wine region, nestled along the winding Nahe River in Germany, is gaining recognition for its commitment to natural winemaking practices. With its diverse soils, steep slopes, and cool climate, Nahe provides an ideal environment for sustainable viticulture. Natural winemakers in the region prioritize organic and biodynamic farming methods, cultivating traditional grape varieties such as Riesling, MĂĽller-Thurgau, and Silvaner with minimal intervention. By eschewing chemical additives and focusing on natural fermentation, they produce wines that reflect the region's unique terroir. Nahe's natural wines are known for their purity, elegance, and expressive fruit flavors, with Rieslings offering crisp acidity, vibrant citrus notes, and a distinct minerality. As the demand for authentic and terroir-driven wines continues to grow, Nahe remains at the forefront of Germany's natural wine movement, offering a taste of its rich cultural heritage and winemaking traditions with each bottle.