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Pinard et Fils

Frédéric and Catherine, the dynamic duo behind Pinard et Fils, are shaking up the wine scene with their commitment to natural wines. Embracing unique grape varieties that thrive in Quebec's chilly climate, they produce small batches with minimal intervention. While their wines may not be widely available, seeking out a bottle promises a special and rewarding experience for those who love to explore new flavors.

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Where The Wines Come From


Quebec's natural wine scene is a burgeoning frontier within Canada's viticultural landscape, characterized by its pioneering spirit and commitment to sustainable practices. Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of the Eastern Townships and the Charlevoix region, Quebec's vineyards benefit from a unique combination of cool climate and diverse terroir, ranging from limestone-rich soils to clay and shale deposits. Natural winemakers in Quebec embrace organic and biodynamic principles, nurturing their vines with care and crafting wines with minimal intervention. These wines often showcase a remarkable purity of fruit, vibrant acidity, and a distinct sense of place reflective of Quebec's natural beauty. From crisp whites made from hybrid grape varieties to elegant reds crafted from Pinot Noir and Gamay, Quebec's natural wines captivate with their authenticity and sense of terroir, inviting enthusiasts to explore the province's dynamic wine culture with each sip.