Producer Profile

Philippe Chevarin

"Philippe embraces a straightforward, no-frills approach to winemaking. While he openly acknowledges that he is still mastering vinification's complexities, he firmly believes that superior viticulture is key to producing better wines. Since his first vintage in 2015, Philippe has aimed for simplicity in vinification. All his wines ferment and age in fiberglass tanks and undergo malolactic fermentation. His ultimate goal is to eliminate the use of S02 entirely; however, in recent vintages, he has added minimal amounts to his whites. Starting with the 2020 vintage, wines without added S02 are clearly labeled 'no sulfites added' on the front."

Where The Wines Come From


Nestled along the banks of the majestic Loire River, the Loire Valley is renowned for its rich winemaking heritage and diverse terroirs, making it a prime destination for natural wine enthusiasts. From the rolling hills of Sancerre to the limestone cliffs of Vouvray and the sandy soils of Muscadet, the region boasts a mosaic of microclimates and grape varieties that thrive under organic and biodynamic practices. Embracing a philosophy of minimal intervention, Loire's natural winemakers prioritize the purity of the fruit and the expression of terroir, crafting wines with vibrant acidity, distinct minerality, and a sense of place. Indigenous grape varieties like Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet Franc shine in this diverse landscape, producing wines that range from crisp and aromatic whites to elegant and structured reds. With a rich cultural heritage and a commitment to sustainability, the Loire Valley continues to enchant wine lovers with its authentic and soulful expressions of terroir.