Producer Profile


Founded in 2006, Oenogenesis is the brainchild of Bakis Tsalkos, renowned as one of Greece's foremost oenologists. Trained and seasoned in Montpellier and Bordeaux, Bakis returned to Greece in 1985, aiming to meld his expertise with the local terroir and grape varietals. A trailblazer in winemaking, Bakis spearheaded the emergence of Drama as a prominent winemaking region in Greece during the 1990s and early 2000s. Drama is celebrated for its wines' elegance, aromatic richness, and favorable terroir for international grape varieties. Guided by the principle of minimal intervention and eschewing chemical additives, Bakis prioritizes vinification of the highest standards. Sulfite levels are meticulously maintained below organic standards.

Where The Wines Come From


Sicily is the ultimate wine playground, an island paradise where fiery Mount Etna meets cool ocean breezes. Think sunshine-soaked grapes ripening in volcanic soil, bold reds like Nero d'Avola (think juicy black cherry) and fragrant whites like Grillo (hello, citrus!). Beyond the classics, there's a treasure trove of unique native grapes. It's a place where history swirls in your glass, from ancient Greek techniques to delicious sun-dried Marsala. A beach bum's haven, and a wine lover's playground, all rolled into one!

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