Producer Profile


At MontRubí, we exclusively gather certified organic grapes from our vineyards, which boast native varieties indigenous to our region. With years of dedicated stewardship, we've cultivated a natural legacy that beckons all to relish. Our commitment lies in preserving traditional agricultural practices, mirroring the methods of our ancestors. By nurturing and honoring the vineyard ecosystem, we craft wines imbued with MontRubí's distinctive essence.

Where The Wines Come From


Nestled within the picturesque landscape of L'Avellà, natural wine production epitomizes a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Here, winemakers honor age-old techniques passed down through generations while embracing modern principles of sustainability and minimal intervention. The vineyards, caressed by the Mediterranean breeze and bathed in ample sunshine, yield grapes of exceptional quality, imbued with the essence of the terroir. From crisp, mineral-driven whites to robust, fruit-forward reds, the wines of L'Avellà exhibit a remarkable depth of flavor and a vibrant energy, reflecting the unique microclimate and diverse soils of the region. With a steadfast commitment to organic farming and hands-off winemaking, each bottle tells a story of authenticity and reverence for nature, inviting enthusiasts to savor the purest expression of the land and the craft.