Producer Profile

Matthieu Barret

Matthieu Barret found his affinity for organic viticulture and living ecosystems in Beaune. From his first vintage in 2000, he focused on vineyard work, embracing organic practices. Not satisfied with the results, he made a significant change in 2006, opting for concrete eggs over barrels for vinification. This pursuit of purity and expression continues to guide his winemaking.

In 2012, Matthieu abandoned machines in favor of mules, horses, and manual labor in Cornas. He also introduced 'green spaces' around the farm, creating watering holes to nurture a diverse ecosystem of vines, forest, meadows, and woodlands.

According to Matthieu, a wild environment makes plants happier than a vineyard-only desert.

matthieu barret winemaker

Where The Wines Come From

Northern Rhône

The Northern Rhône region, located in southeastern France, is renowned for its steep terraced vineyards and iconic appellations such as Côte-Rôtie, Hermitage, and Cornas. In recent years, the region has also become a focal point for natural winemaking. With its granite and schist soils, cool climate, and steep slopes, the Northern Rhône provides an ideal environment for sustainable viticulture. Natural winemakers here prioritize organic and biodynamic farming methods, cultivating classic grape varieties such as Syrah and Viognier with minimal intervention. By eschewing chemical additives and focusing on natural fermentation, they produce wines that showcase the region's terroir with purity and finesse. Northern Rhône's natural wines are known for their elegance, complexity, and sense of place, with Syrahs offering peppery spice, dark fruit flavors, and firm tannins, and Viogniers displaying floral aromatics and vibrant acidity. As the demand for authentic and terroir-driven wines continues to grow, the Northern Rhône remains a beacon of tradition and innovation in the world of natural winemaking.