Producer Profile


Clos Marfisi, nestled in the heart of Corsica's Patrimonio, stands as a testament to tradition and innovation in winemaking. Led by siblings Mathieu and Julie, the fifth generation to steward the estate, Clos Marfisi upholds a legacy of dedication to local varieties and organic farming practices. Perched on steep slopes overlooking the Mediterranean, their vineyards boast ancient limestone soils, reflecting the unique terroir of Corsica. Under the guidance of their father Touissant, who remains actively involved, the estate has never succumbed to outside pressures, maintaining a steadfast commitment to sustainability. With a focus on native yeasts and minimal sulfur usage in the cellar.

Where The Wines Come From


Patrimonio, situated on the ruggedly beautiful island of Corsica, is a region with a rich winemaking history that has embraced natural winemaking practices with passion and dedication. This sun-drenched Mediterranean island, with its diverse terroir of granite hillsides and coastal plains, provides an ideal environment for cultivating indigenous grape varieties such as Nielluccio (Sangiovese) and Vermentino. Winemakers in Patrimonio are committed to sustainable viticulture, practicing organic and biodynamic farming methods to nurture the vines and preserve the health of the land. In the cellar, minimal intervention is paramount, with spontaneous fermentations and aging in neutral vessels allowing the true expression of the grapes and terroir to shine through. The resulting natural wines from Patrimonio are a reflection of the region's rugged beauty and winemaking tradition, with their vibrant flavors, elegant textures, and a sense of place that captures the essence of Corsica's timeless charm.