Producer Profile

Le Raisin et l'Ange

Antonin has a long-term vision for the soil, aiming to ensure its sustainability for future generations. He is committed to spending up to 40 years to achieve this goal if necessary. His approach includes minimal tillage at the base of the vines, occasional light cultivation between rows, limited manure application every three years, and occasional use of green manure. Additionally, he employs biodynamic practices selectively, choosing methods based on the specific needs of the vines rather than strict adherence to a prescribed regimen.

Where The Wines Come From


Ardèche, nestled in the rugged terrain of southern France, has emerged as a vibrant hub for natural winemaking, drawing enthusiasts seeking pure, unadulterated expressions of terroir. With its diverse microclimates and limestone-rich soils, Ardèche offers a playground for innovative winemakers committed to organic and biodynamic practices. In this region, winemaking is a holistic endeavor, with minimal intervention in the cellar and a profound respect for the rhythms of nature. Grapes are often hand-harvested, fermented spontaneously, and aged in a variety of vessels, from old oak barrels to amphorae, allowing the wines to evolve with authenticity and character. The resulting wines, whether white, red, or orange, captivate with their vitality, showcasing the unique flavors and textures of Ardèche's land and reflecting the vision and passion of its pioneering vignerons.