Producer Profile

I Custodi

Mount Etna is a current darling of the Italian wine scene, and I Custodi is among the 21st-century Etna Renaissance producers who are now making wines as compelling as the active volcano’s cooled lava flows. Founder Mario Paoluzi has teamed up with Etna guru Salvo Foti and I Vigneri, the local vineyard workers who tend the ancient albarello vines, and volcanic terracing. The Etna Rosso ‘Pistus’ (mostly Nerello Mascalese) comes from Etna’s north slope, where the wines are known to be structured and savoury. In 1774, the Florentine scholar Sestini called them ‘navigabile’ or ship-worthy, keeping after long voyages. Don’t miss 150+ year old-vines mostly-Nerello cru ‘Aetneus.’ The racy Etna Bianco ‘Ante’ (mostly Carricante) comes from 900 meter high vineyards on the sea-influenced eastern slop

Where The Wines Come From


Nestled on the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy, the natural wine scene of Etna embodies a captivating blend of ancient winemaking traditions and unique terroir. The fertile volcanic soil, coupled with the island's Mediterranean climate, creates an environment ideal for cultivating indigenous grape varieties such as Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio. Natural winemakers in Etna are deeply connected to the land, employing organic and biodynamic farming methods to nurture their vines without the use of synthetic chemicals. This hands-on approach, combined with minimal intervention in the cellar, allows the wines to express the true character of the volcanic terroir, showcasing vibrant acidity, elegant minerality, and a distinct sense of place. From elegant rosatos to bold reds, Etna's natural wines captivate the senses with their purity, complexity, and the unmistakable imprint of Mount Etna's volcanic legacy