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Pedro Rodríguez, the driving force behind Adegas Guímaro, embodies a deep-rooted passion for winemaking in the rugged Ribeira Sacra region. Continuing a family legacy, they cultivate their steep, terraced vineyards using age-old methods passed down from previous generations. Embracing their rebellious spirit, reflected in the name "Guímaro," meaning rebel in Gallego, they champion nearly-forgotten local grapes like Caiño and Brancellao. Beyond preserving history, their focus is on adapting to climate change, crafting wines that are not only delicious but also echo the distinct character of Ribeira Sacra. In the cellar, they adhere to traditional techniques, employing wild yeasts, foot treading, and minimal intervention.

Guimaro Ribeira Sacra Tinto  Mencía, Brancellao, Caiño, Marenzao natural red wine Ribeira Sacra Spain

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Galicia, nestled in the lush greenery of northwest Spain, boasts a burgeoning natural wine scene that embodies the region's rich cultural heritage and pristine natural beauty. Renowned for its rugged coastline, misty mountains, and emerald valleys, Galicia provides an ideal terroir for cultivating grapes with distinctive character and flavor. Natural winemakers in Galicia embrace traditional methods, eschewing additives and pesticides in favor of organic and biodynamic practices. This commitment to sustainability and authenticity results in wines that express the unique essence of the land, showcasing vibrant acidity, minerality, and a sense of place. From crisp Albariños along the coastal Rías Baixas to robust Mencías in the inland valleys of Ribeira Sacra, Galician natural wines captivate the palate with their purity and complexity, offering a taste of the region's soul in every sip.