Producer Profile

Fabien Jouves

Fabien Jouves hails from a lineage deeply rooted in grape farming in Cahors, spanning six generations. Situated in Causses, renowned for its limestone plateaus, his domaine graces the highest slopes of the Cahors appellation. Nestled atop the Quercy hills, his family's 22 hectares stand at over 1,100 feet, benefiting from cool nighttime temperatures that impart freshness to the wines. Expanding beyond his family's holdings, Fabien acquired two additional parcels, amassing over 30 hectares in total.

Transitioning from a prospective medical career, Fabien assumed the role of vigneron in 2006, spurred by his family's struggle to sustain the domaine. Opting to preserve his familial legacy, he enrolled at the esteemed École du Vin de Bordeaux.

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Where The Wines Come From


Cahors, situated in the southwestern part of France, is renowned for its robust and age-worthy Malbec wines. This historic wine region, nestled along the meandering Lot River, has also become an emerging hub for natural winemaking. With its limestone-rich soils and favorable climate, Cahors provides an ideal setting for sustainable viticulture. Natural winemakers in the region prioritize organic and biodynamic farming practices, cultivating Malbec grapes with minimal intervention to showcase the terroir's unique characteristics. By eschewing chemical additives and relying on natural fermentation, Cahors' natural wines express a depth of flavor and complexity that reflects the region's rich history and rugged landscape. These wines often exhibit dark fruit flavors, firm tannins, and a distinctive earthy minerality. As the demand for authentic and terroir-driven wines continues to rise, Cahors' commitment to sustainable winemaking ensures its place as a leader in the natural wine movement.