Producer Profile

Domaine Ozil

All farming on the estate is strictly organic, but not certified, as Tomislav has his own issues with the certification process. He believes the benefits of organic farming are far more valuable for the health of the vineyards and the grapes, rather than the label. All fermentations are done with native yeasts, oftentimes early in the morning under cold temperatures so as to maintain the amazing aromatics that Škrlet inherently delivers. -Vinum USA

Where The Wines Come From


Moslavina is all about rolling hills, charming villages, and a family-run winery on a mission. Here, the Voštinić — Klasnić crew are like Škrlet superheroes (that's a local grape, FYI). They're rescuing a once-forgotten grape called Škrlet from obscurity. Imagine fresh, light wines bursting with flavor – that's Škrlet! These passionate folks farm organically and use modern tricks in their old cellar to craft all sorts of Škrlet styles, from light and easy to skin-contact funky. So ditch the tourist traps and raise a glass to Moslavina, where history and deliciousness come together in every sip!