Producer Profile

Domaine des Quatre Pierres

The domain is located in Aragon, Cabardès, northwest of the medieval city of Carcassonne, on the lower slopes of the Massif Central mountains, where Southern and Atlantic winds converge. It spans two distinct terroirs: clay and limestone from an ancient ocean floor, known as "alvéoline clay," and hard clay from Ventenac for the El Pépé cuvée. Situated at an altitude of 300 meters amid old, wild Mediterranean nature, the vineyards are farmed organically with special attention to copper. The grapes are harvested manually in small crates and are fermented and aged in the most natural way possible.

Where The Wines Come From


The Aude natural wine profile encapsulates the essence of the Languedoc-Roussillon region with its rich history and diverse terroir. Grown amidst the rolling hills and Mediterranean climate of Aude, these wines embody a deep connection to the land and its traditions. With grapes nurtured by the warm sun and cooled by the gentle breezes from the nearby sea, Aude natural wines exude a unique character and complexity. From the earthy undertones reminiscent of the rocky soils to the bright, lively acidity that dances on the palate, each sip tells a story of the region's vibrant viticultural heritage. Crafted with a commitment to sustainability and minimal intervention, Aude natural wines showcase the raw beauty of the grape, allowing its purest expression to shine through in every glass. As a testament to the passion and craftsmanship of its winemakers, Aude natural wines invite enthusiasts on a journey of discovery, offering a taste of the region's rich cultural tapestry with every exquisite sip.