Producer Profile

Colab & Bloom

Colab & Bloom is a collaboration between like-minded friends, Norm Doole, Mike Farmilo and Nick Whiteway, to create expressive and drinkable wines with abundant flavor. These bold, bright and colorful wines are adventurous in region, taste and variety. The common ground that all Colab & Bloom wines share is that they express a sense of place, made to be delicious and enjoyed in good company. - Little Peacock

Where The Wines Come From

McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale, nestled in South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula, is renowned for its warm climate, diverse terroir, and premium grape-growing conditions. In recent years, this region has also emerged as a hub for natural winemaking. With a focus on sustainability and minimal intervention, McLaren Vale's winemakers are cultivating grapes organically and biodynamically to produce vibrant and expressive wines. They prioritize allowing the grapes to fully reflect the unique characteristics of the region's sandy soils, Mediterranean climate, and proximity to the sea. By eschewing chemical additives and relying on natural fermentation, McLaren Vale's natural wines showcase a wide range of varietals including Shiraz, Grenache, and Cabernet Sauvignon. These wines often exhibit bold fruit flavors, fine tannins, and a sense of place that reflects the region's rugged beauty and pioneering spirit. As the demand for authentic and terroir-driven wines continues to rise, McLaren Vale's commitment to sustainable winemaking ensures it remains at the forefront of Australia's wine industry.