Producer Profile


"Sergio Loi is a 4th generation traditional Sardinian producer, whose family winery from the early 900s has always practiced no chemical farming and minimum intervention in the cellar. The Cardedu [car-DAY-do] vineyards are located on the island’s sparsely populated Southeast, where soils are crumbling granite near the coast, and schist in ragged-dry cliffs around Jerzu. - Portovino"

Where The Wines Come From


Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sardinia boasts a rich winemaking tradition deeply intertwined with its rugged landscapes and ancient history. In recent years, the island has gained recognition for its burgeoning natural wine scene, characterized by a commitment to sustainable practices and the revival of indigenous grape varieties such as Cannonau, Vermentino, and Carignano. Natural winemakers in Sardinia embrace a hands-on approach, cultivating their vineyards with organic and biodynamic methods to preserve the island's pristine environment and honor its cultural heritage. By eschewing additives and allowing spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts, these winemakers craft wines that reflect the unique terroir of Sardinia—showcasing vibrant acidity, distinctive minerality, and a rich tapestry of flavors that evoke the island's sun-drenched shores and windswept hillsides. From crisp whites to robust reds, Sardinia's natural wines offer a taste of the island's soul, inviting drinkers on a sensory journey through its storied landscapes and ancient traditions.