Producer Profile

Cacique Maravilla

Manuel Moraga Gutierrez, seventh-generation owner and winemaker of Cacique Maravilla, honors his family's legacy in Yumbel's Bio-Bio Valley. Descended from Francisco Gutierrez Gutierrez, who earned the admiration of the Mapuche people as 'Cacique Maravilla', Manuel continues the tradition of crafting traditional, non-interventionist Chilean wines. With ancestral roots dating back to 1750 when Francisco arrived from the Canary Islands, Manuel's dedication to preserving the land and its heritage shines through in every bottle, carrying forward a narrative of reverence for the terroir and its cultural significance.

Where The Wines Come From


Nestled in Chile's southern reaches, the Bio-Bio region is a captivating haven for natural wine enthusiasts. Here, amidst the embrace of the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, winemakers craft wines that echo the purity and authenticity of their surroundings. Organic and biodynamic farming practices thrive, nurturing vineyards in harmony with nature's rhythms. Indigenous grape varieties, like Pais and Moscatel de Alejandría, find their home in Bio-Bio's granite soils, expressing the region's terroir with remarkable clarity. In the cellar, minimal intervention reigns supreme, as spontaneous fermentations and aging in neutral vessels allow the grapes' true essence to unfold. The resulting wines, with their vibrant acidity, distinct minerality, and genuine sense of place, stand as a testament to Bio-Bio's emergence as a beacon of Chilean natural winemaking.