Producer Profile


Ginny Povall, the visionary behind Botanica, infuses her wines with vitality and purpose, mirroring her own passionate spirit. Hailing from Massachusetts, she found her true calling at Protea Heights, a pioneering farm on the outskirts of Stellenbosch known for its Protea cultivation. Here, Ginny's dedication to both flowers and vines flourished. Since 2009, she has poured herself into Botanica, becoming one of the region's most dynamic winegrowers. With an inaugural vintage that captured hearts, Botanica consistently reveals exceptional wines from the overlooked corners of the Western Cape. Crafted and bottled at Protea Heights, Ginny's commitment extends to her Big Flower label, showcasing wines sourced from her estate's fruit. - Pascal Schildt

Where The Wines Come From

Western Cape

Natural wine production in the Western Cape of South Africa embodies a movement towards authenticity and sustainability within the region's esteemed wine industry. Embracing the rich tapestry of terroir offered by the Western Cape's diverse landscapes, natural winemakers prioritize minimal intervention in both vineyard and cellar practices. Indigenous grape varieties like Chenin Blanc and Pinotage thrive alongside international cultivars, reflecting the region's spirit of experimentation and innovation. With a commitment to organic or biodynamic farming methods and native yeast fermentation, these wines express a purity of flavor and sense of place. Vibrant acidity, nuanced aromatics, and a distinctive minerality characterize the tasting experience, while food pairing opportunities abound, from fresh seafood to hearty stews. In the glass, Western Cape natural wines offer a true reflection of the land and a testament to the artistry of low-intervention winemaking.