Producer Profile

Agricola Macatho

"Maca and Thomas, who met during a harvest with Luyt, are some of the the most talked-about newcomers to the wine scene in Chile. Based in Chillán, they currently work and farm old-vine parcels of land organically in Maule, BíoBío and Itata. In the cellar, the wine is made with minimal intervention and lots of love!" - Jose Pastor

Where The Wines Come From

Valle del Itata

Nestled within the rolling hills and lush valleys of Chile's Biobío Region, the Valle del Itata is a haven for natural winemaking, where tradition meets innovation in a landscape of breathtaking beauty. Here, amidst ancient vines and volcanic soils, winemakers embrace a philosophy of minimal intervention, working in harmony with nature to craft wines of purity and expression. Indigenous grape varieties like Pais and Moscatel thrive in this cool-climate region, yielding wines that reflect the unique terroir and heritage of the Valle del Itata. With a focus on hand-harvesting, spontaneous fermentation, and aging in old barrels or clay vessels, Itata's natural wines exhibit a sense of authenticity and place, with flavors ranging from vibrant red fruits to floral and mineral notes. This dynamic wine scene, fueled by a passion for sustainability and a deep respect for the land, continues to captivate wine enthusiasts seeking the true essence of Chilean winemaking.