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Thank you so much for being part of our March Natural Wine Club! Spring Is Here (some places)!

This month’s wines are reaching out beyond the typical spots with Bosnia, South Africa, Canada, Chile and more!

The box includes refreshing reds to shake off the winter chill, popular oranges, and crisp whites and rosé that are perfect for springtime fun.

Cheers to warmer days, blossoming flavors, and good company! Tag us on social with your boxes @mysa.wine

March 2024 - 3 Club

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Club Pick 1

Burst of fresh red fruits evolving with age to reveal hints of dark berries. Balanced by bright and refreshing acidity, the wine displays light and supple tannins, making for a smooth and easy-drinking experience. The finish is clean and refreshing, leaving a lingering hint of fruit and spice. 



Strawberries, cranberries, wildflowers and baking spice.


  • 2021


  • 13%

Funky Scale:

Mostly Classic


Food Wine

Region: Itata Valley, Chile

Leoncio isn't just a winery, it's a champion for sustainable viticulture and rejuvenation in Chile's Itata Valley. Founded on principles of organic and regenerative farming, Leoncio's dedication goes beyond producing delicious wines. They're reviving the Itata Valley's unique Pais grape and showcasing its potential. Unlike many large-scale producers, Leoncio prioritizes quality over quantity. Their philosophy emphasizes working in harmony with nature. They avoid synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, fostering a healthy and biodiverse ecosystem in their vineyards. Additionally, Leoncio collaborates with local families, converting their existing Pais vines to these sustainable methods. This not only benefits the environment but also helps preserve the Itata Valley's viticultural heritage. The result of Leoncio's meticulous approach is a distinctive expression of Pais. Grown in healthy soils teeming with life, Leoncio's Pais grapes develop a depth of character that mass-produced wines often lack. Expect fresh red fruit flavors, balanced acidity, and a touch of spice, all reflecting the unique terroir of the Itata Valley. By combining innovative sustainable practices with respect for tradition, Leoncio is not only making delicious wines, they're shaping the future of the Itata Valley and the Pais grape.

Club Pick 2

Crafted with Cabernet Franc grapes bursting red fruits with hints of floral notes like rose petals. Crisp and lively acidity balances the sweetness of the fruit, while minimal tannins ensure a smooth and easy-drinking experience. The finish is clean and refreshing, leaving a lingering hint of fruit and floral character.


Cabernet Franc

Strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and rose petals.


  • 2022


  • 12%

Funky Scale: Middle of the Road

Style: Glou Glou

Region: Okanagan Valley, Canada

Michal Mosny, the visionary behind Winemaker's CUT, isn't just crafting wines; he's composing symphonies of flavor. Inspired by the "director's cut" concept, Michal uses his experience and passion to translate a unique vision into every bottle.

What truly sets Winemaker's CUT apart is Michal's unwavering commitment to both quality and sustainability. The vineyards are managed with an organic and biodynamic approach, fostering a healthy ecosystem that translates into expressive, "living wines." This philosophy extends beyond the grapes. Classical music fills the winery, further emphasizing the harmonious connection between nature, art, and the final product.

Michal's story is one of dedication and pursuit of a dream. After years of honing his craft behind the scenes, he and his wife Martina embarked on a journey to share their passion for exceptional wine. Winemaker's CUT transcends the label; it's a tangible expression of Michal's unique perspective, a chance to savor a moment in time, beautifully captured from vineyard to bottle.

Club Pick 3

A lighter orange with from chenin with notes of green apple, tropical citrus, white flowers, ginger and mineral accents on the note. It tastes fresh and expressive and is perfect with lighter foods or white pasta.


Chenin Blanc


  • 2021


  • 11.8%

Funky Scale: Mostly Funky

Style: Glou Glou, Party, Hype Juice

Region: Swartland, South Africa

TESTALONGA is owned by Craig & Carla Hawkins. It was established in 2008 with the first wine being a four week Skin Macerated Chenin blanc. We currently rent 11ha of organically farmed vineyards all based on the granite soils of the Paardeberg, and 4 ha on the Sandstone soils of the Piketberg. In 2015 we purchased a farm on the slate soils of the northern mountains of the Swartland called Bandits Kloof. The first vineyards were planted in 2018 on Bandits Kloof, the focus of the farm being Mediterranean grape varieties We strive to make wine from grapes and nothing else.