Valentina Passalacqua

Many of you may be wondering what happened to Valentina Passalaqua - the one who makes Pet Garg, Rosa Terra, Orange Puglia, Calcarius, etc.

We are currently working with our network of Italian trade partners to verify the veracity of accusations against Valentina in relation to the business practices of her father, namely his arrest after being charged with the exploitation hundreds of day laborers, most of whom are from non-EU countries in Africa and Eastern Europe.
While we, as many others have stated, have not found any evidence that Valentina directly participated in this type of wage slavery, it is extremely important to note that even being complicit here is hugely problematic. The BLM movement has taught all of us that standing aside and allowing these types of practices to happen is not acceptable.
We include ourselves in this statement. We have benefited from selling Valentina Passalacqua's wines. However, we cannot both stand for the things we stand for while at the same time benefit from stocking wines that are potentially made using unethical labor standards and/or is headed by someone that may have been complicit in wage slavery. For us, natural wine isn't natural if the product we source is not held up to the standards of both sustainable and ethical production.
Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves - is this a wine that we are comfortable selling and drinking? The answer to that is a pretty easy "no", and as such we are not selling it anymore.

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