The natural conditions in the Slovenian Istria are favorable to viticulture. The climate is warm and the percentage of sunny days is the highest of all Slovenian wine growing regions. For that reason, it is possible to claim that Slovenian Istria is a “non mass production wine growing area”, where through controlled products and sensible growing techniques the Rojac Family is able to grow exceptional quality grapes of white, and above all red sorts of vintage wines.
In the wine cellar they do their utmost to concentrate on the wine and its needs. The emphasis is set on the structure and richness of the wine. They allow the wine to express in the bottle the characteristics of the soil and the area of its origin.
Due to macerations and autochthonous yeasts Rojac wines receives an authentic seal of recognition for Rojac Family’s work. The wine is not filtered and is therefore permitted a full development when bottled. These are the guidelines for creating the unconventional character of Rojac wines. - Hootananny Wines