Posestvo Bela Gora

Posestvo Bela gora, meaning White Hill Estate, stands out as a small family-owned vineyard and winery, creating vibrant and authentic wines from Štajerska grape varieties. Led by the talented winemakers Radojko Pelengic and Martina, the estate exudes passion, typicity, and love despite its limited production. Their 1-hectare vineyard on Bela gora, near Dramlje in Štajerska, northeastern Slovenia, reflects a rich family history, dating back to 1951 when Radojko's grandfather, Franc Kačičnik, planted the vines. The winery, passed down through three generations, witnessed a transition to organic farming, emphasizing terroir expression and minimal intervention in winemaking. The commitment to natural wines, fermented with native yeasts and minimal sulfur, showcases their dedication to authenticity. With vineyard work done by hand, maintaining the narrow spacing between rows, Posestvo Bela gora is a rare gem where varieties like Muscat, Sauvignon, and Blaufrankisch thrive, with some vines surpassing 70 years. Tied to the local history and adorned with the portraits of their grandfather, the winery's labels and wines tell a story of tradition, respect for the land, and a deep connection to their roots. Tasting Posestvo Bela gora wines is an invitation to experience Slovenian terroir, history, and winemaking craftsmanship.