Christophe Lindenlaub, the visionary winemaker behind Lindenlaub wines, hails from a rich Alsatian farming heritage dating back to 1759 in Dorlisheim. Despite the domaine's seemingly youthful energy, it echoes a longstanding commitment to the land. Christophe's father, Jacques, initiated the transition from farming to winemaking in the 1970s, with a full immersion into viticulture occurring in 1986. Joining forces with his father in 1999, Christophe has been instrumental in steering the domaine's course.

Notably, Lindenlaub wines took a transformative leap in 2009 when Christophe embraced organic practices, achieving certification in 2012. Beyond cultivating healthy grapes, a distinctive feature of Lindenlaub wines is the abandonment of sulfur in the cellar since 2014. This daring decision adds a unique dimension to the wines, allowing them to reflect Christophe's personality — vibrant, unfiltered, and exuding boundless energy.

Christophe's infectious exuberance finds its way into each bottle, creating an experience akin to encountering a French version of the Fantastic Mr. Fox. The wines, much like their maker, shimmer with delight, evading easy definition and inviting enthusiasts to explore their complexities. The ENSO circle on each label encapsulates the Zen philosophy that orbits Lindenlaub wines, inviting wine lovers to savor not just a drink but a holistic and spirited expression of the winemaker's vision.