Domaine Tetta

Land of grace, Tetta-cho, Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture. The vineyards of tetta are here. Taking advantage of this land with long daylight hours, as it is said to be "Okayama, the land of fine weather," we grow grapes and make wine. The air is delicious! There is blessed soil! And the food is delicious! I want to share this grace as the mission of those who live in this land. With that in mind, we grow grapes and brew wine. Tetta's vast vineyards currently have approximately 15,000 vines for raw and wine vines. And the soil is limestone soil similar to the French famous brewery, and the drainage is good. The altitude is high and there is a difference in temperature, so it is a very suitable environment for grape cultivation. Such blessed soil quality is rare even if you look for it in Japan. We will wholeheartedly deliver wines made from grapes produced by human wisdom and the blessings of nature. - Domaine Tetta