Bengoetxe Getariako Txakolina

Distinctive wines, wines that speak of their terruño, come from lovingly tended and organically farmed grapes. It is this nurturing philosophy, rare in the Basque Country, a region dominated by industrial farming and winemaking, which drives Iñaki and Rosa Maria Etxeberria to produce Bengoetxe. Classic and slow wild yeast fermentation takes place in small 3.000 litros vats, located in their home garage, then the wine is raised on the lees up to a year with no batonnage. SO2 levels are kept to a minimum and because all CO2 “is natural” (not injected) the wine does not often show the spritzy character of other Txakolis from Getaria.

This is a "Real" Basque Country wine to pair with Serrano ham, sheep’s cheeses, poultry as well as fresh seafood. We can’t help but feel like this was how the Txakolis of the past tasted before comercial yeast, chemicals and heavy filtration took hold of the region. With Bengoetxe, we feel we have unearthed an authenthic and treasured puzzle piece of Basque winegrowing history. - Jose Pastor Selections