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For those of you who don't know what the No MOG Blog means we have created a brief overview of the name of our blog,  why we find it so fitting, and what it means for you!

What is MOG in Wine?

MOG stands for "materials other than grapes" and are things that are sorted out during harvest to ensure that there aren't strange things making it into the vats like sticks, insects, leaves, and anything else that might be on a vine. It is one of the differences between a mass-produced wine with machine harvesting and an organic harvest. If you are harvesting by hand, the likelihood of a critter crawling into your wines is significantly lower than if you have a machine shaking the vines and taking in whatever falls off of them.

There are rumors that your two-buck chuck from Trader Joes might have had a fox or squirrel ending up in the vinification process and ultimately in your mouth!  While that's likely, not true, the idea of well made natural wines focusing on not having any material, other than grapes, in the winery fits well with our philosophy. And it obviously rhymes with Blog, so, this is the story! You will see all our wines are made by hand, but we also use the RAW Wine methodology to classify our wines and this is what the hand symbol represents. So, if you are seeing that symbol around, you should be able to guarantee there's no MOG in that wine.

What is MOG to Us

Because we sell wine, we decided to call everything on our store that doesn't wine MOG so you can see the difference between our bottles and subscriptions vs a sticker, t-shirt, or wine magazine. If you participate in our wine club, you'll also see that we periodically send out MOG with the shipments. Things like bottle openers and other fun goodies to go with your grapes. If you have MOG ideas please let us know as we're building out our club MOG ideas for 2019!

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