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You know that feeling you get when you’re watching the news and all of a sudden the anchor starts explaining what the name of your company means? We got to experience it when TODAY hosted a whole segment on the Swedish concept of MYSA. The past few months we’ve been telling the story behind our name through interviews and virtual events, and we thought it’s the perfect time to share it with all of you. 

MYSA on Today Show

Our resident Swede, Nic, defines MYSA as a Swedish verb that loosely translates to “to get cozy” in English. It stems from the concept Mys, which means to slow down and relax. This is all part of the other Swedish term lagom, meaning “in balance” and culturally represents the country’s values of having “just enough.” 

After a long work week, many family and friends will gather on Fridays to host fredagsmys (cozy Fridays) where they’ll focus on getting comfortable and turning off the outside world. Sound familiar? In America, we like to call it “work-life balance.” Thanks to a a few marketing campaigns for crisps and Mexican food the Swedish concept usually revolves around a nice assortment of junk foods.

Aside from the junk food and cozy vibe, Nic recommends selecting a delicious bottle of wine to open, settle down in front of the TV and mysa with someone special on your Friday night. To help you create the perfect mys mood, check out Nic’s natural wines and snack pairings: 

natural wine pairing for tacos

  • Tacos - the ultimate fredagsmys snack. These savory delights can be customized to your taste and just the right size to nosh on while cuddling. Pairs well with: Cru Boy Jealous - Hollow Wines

natural wine pairing with chips

  • Crisps (potato chips) - the snack that started it all, crisps are salty and crunchy and come in SO. MANY. VARIETIES. these days that you could have a marathon tasting session. Pairs well with: Stay Brave - Testalonga
natural wine pairing with popcorn
  • Popcorn - a popular movie time option that you can keep traditional with butter or jazz it up with savory spices (rosemary, paprika, garlic powder) or sweet dustings (cocoa powder, cinnamon, sugar). Pairs well with: Red Blend - Limited Addition

If you’re looking to create your own fredagsmys, don’t forget the candles as low lighting is essential. For more inspiration on the decor, we enjoyed this cozy shopping excursion in the NY Times. And, of course, join our MYSA Wine Club to make sure every Friday you’re ready to go. 

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