Announcing the Orange Wine Club

Announcing the Orange Wine Club

Posted by Holly Berrigan on

You asked and we are finally delivering our Orange Wine Club at MYSA!

This club has been a few years in the making, with many of you asking in your mixed natural wine club subscription for more orange wines. Now you can get orange wines ONLY, or use the club as an add on to your regular wine club subscription to get even more orange goodness.


January 2021 Orange Wine Club Wines

What is orange wine?!

Before we dive too deep, let's give a quick overview of orange wine and why it's so popular it got its own club! Orange wine, or amber, skin-contact, macerated white wine, is wine made from white grapes that have been macerated on their skins like a red wine. They can come in a range of colors from yellow, bright orange, and even potentially a rose color depending on the grape and maceration time.

We always say that orange wines are a great option for people that may not be as into white wines be love reds, because they will have tannin and/or some phenolic bitterness on them that is a very different experience from your standard white wine!

Here’s what our orange wine club is all about:

Natural orange wines
Sustainable agriculture (organic, biodynamic, etc), spontaneous fermentation, using native yeast, low sulfur. This is key to our definition of natural wine and all the wines in our orange wine club will meet this definition.
Ranging from Orange AF to lighter extraction

All our orange wines will have skin contact with variation in color. For example, ramato wines can have little skin contact but very dark color vs some lighter skinned grapes will have heavy extraction but still very light in color. Trust us that we'll ensure that each has sufficient skin contact to be considered an orange wine for this club!

Interesting, fun, and funky wines

We love wine because of what they tell us about a culture, a region, and a producer. You’ll probably see grapes you’ve never heard of (ever tried Airen?) and grapes you have heard of made in a way you've never seen. Most of the wines will tend a bit funkier, just because the realm of orange wine leans that way, but we will have some classic expressions in as well.

How It Works

Subscribe for monthly deliveries of 4 orange wines. 

We only have a 4-bottle monthly option currently, but if you'd like to adjust your frequency to bi-monthly or quarterly shoot us a message and we can accommodate you!

Want a sneak peak of what we've done so far?

Our first ever orange wine club included a medium-extracted Georgian orange (gotta start with where orange wine began!), a Chilean favorite from the Muscat grape, and obscure and FUNKY Spanish orange, and a beautiful amphora expression from our friends Maloof!

In February we have a very limited number of spaces available because.... EVERYONE's getting a BRUTAL!!! wine! So if you're on the fence, join soon to ensure you'll receive this special group of wines.


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