Anders Frederik Steen Bundle

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Get EIGHT wines from cult winemaker Anders Frederik Steen. 

  • Hold me closer VDF White
  • Les Vignes des Enfants VDF Red
  • Should we just rely on luck? VDF Rose 
  • Parfois je monte a l`etage et je me sens un peu perdu VDF White 500mL
  • Bad lighting Call you later VDF Red
  • C`est dans les yeux qu`on le voit VDF Red 500mL
  • Comme un Double-Vitrage VDF Rose 500mL
  • Once I had a choice of being better VDF White 750m




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Ardeche, France


The Producer

About Anders Frederik Steen

Anders Frederik Steen, renowned as a chef, sommelier (with Noma!), restaurateur, activist, and now winemaker, has carved a unique path in the world of wine, particularly focusing on natural, eclectic wines from France's Ardèche region since 2013. Collaborating with Jean-Marc Brignot initially, he established the label Foxy Foxy Nature Wildlife before venturing into his eponymous wines. His unconventional approach encompasses spontaneous fermentation in open-top containers, emphasizing a hands-on process that begins with tasting each grape variety at harvest.

About the Region

Ardeche, France

Ardèche, nestled in the rugged terrain of southern France, has emerged as a vibrant hub for natural winemaking, drawing enthusiasts seeking pure, unadulterated expressions of terroir. With its diverse microclimates and limestone-rich soils, Ardèche offers a playground for innovative winemakers committed to organic and biodynamic practices. In this region, winemaking is a holistic endeavor, with minimal intervention in the cellar and a profound respect for the rhythms of nature. Grapes are often hand-harvested, fermented spontaneously, and aged in a variety of vessels, from old oak barrels to amphorae, allowing the wines to evolve with authenticity and character. The resulting wines, whether white, red, or orange, captivate with their vitality, showcasing the unique flavors and textures of Ardèche's land and reflecting the vision and passion of its pioneering vignerons.

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