Big Nature 1L NV

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Purple-colored red wine in a liter bottle from Austria with bright berry fruit flavors, medium acidity and fresh tannins.


Mulberry, cherry, blood orange, and chocolate.


  • 12.5%


  • NV


  • Red

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Burgenland, Germany

The Producer

About Schmelzers Weingut

Georg Schmelzer, a fourth-generation winemaker in Austria's Gols region, near Lake Neusiedl, embodies a biodynamic winemaking philosophy. Following Demeter guidelines, he employs a range of biodynamic preparations to nurture the soil and promote vine health. Techniques like horn manure, ground crystal, and herbal infusions bolster soil vitality and vine metabolism. With hand-harvested grapes and aging in neutral oak, Georg's minimal-intervention approach allows the grapes to shine, making Weingut Schmelzer truly exceptional.