Tutto Anfora Rosso 2017

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A one-of-a-kind Sangiovese crafted from vines aged 17-20 years in Tuscany and aged in amphora. Cherry cola aromas with sprinkles of cinnamon! On the palate, there's even more cherry cola, along with strawberries and high tannin.


Fresh, fruity, and a bit peppery.


  • 14.5%


  • 2017


  • Red

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Charcuterie, Pasta, Pizza



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Tuscany, Italy


The Producer

About La Ginestra

The farm started back in 1978 when a group of people rescued abandoned land from expropriation. With the help of goats, they began by clearing all the bushes and weeds from the fields. Slowly, year after year, they began to plant seeds. First focusing on cereals and legumes, and then eventually moving into beekeeping and vines. Since 1989, they have been organic in all their farming and started working naturally since 2012. They work as a true farm ‚Äď utilizing crop and grazing rotation with cows (they also have pigs) over their 50 hectares of land. They are producing a wide range of wines that both honor and obtain their Chianti and Riserva DOCG and push into newer expressions with p√©t-nats, macerated whites, amphora, and fresher, lighter reds. Beyond the farming and winemaking, they also have a restaurant and agroturismo on the property. La Ginestra continues to push into newer directions as it is now mostly composed of a younger generation who live on and work the land together. - Zev Rovine Selections