Carosé 2020

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The first vintage of Il Monte Caro's rosé is a wonderfully light, fresh, and sapid expression of their Valpolicella terroir! At 11.5% alcohol, you won't feel bad having a glass (or 2) with your lunch salad! 

Crisp, with all the red fruit and light enough for some fun pairings.


  • 10.5%


  • 2019


  • Rosè

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Picnic Food, Asian Food, Salads


Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella

Funky Scale



Verona, Italy

il monte caro vineyard

The Producer

About Il Monte Caro

The slopes of the Monte Caro are historically well known in the region, as many people would often go there for alleviation of their ailments because of the hill’s clean and beneficial air. Today, the Il Monte Caro winery is a family venture operated by two generations, farmed organically and producing beautiful Corvina based wines. With 7 hectares, the vineyard’s care and supervision is entirely in the hands of our family and is done according to natural beliefs. Everything from pruning to the thinning of shoots, leaves, and grapes is done manually, helping to control the microclimate that embraces the vineyard.