Orange 2022

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An off-dry Austrian natural white wine bursting with personality. Made with a blend of Roter Traminer and Gruner Veltliner, it offers a unique aromatic profile. Expect a bouquet of ripe stone fruits like peach and apricot from the Traminer, mingling with hints of citrus and white pepper from the Gruner Veltliner. The wine's balanced acidity keeps it fresh and lively, while the minimal tannins ensure a smooth mouthfeel. The finish is crisp and clean, leaving a lingering impression of stone fruit and a touch of spice.

Apricot, lychee, lemon, rose petals, and white pepper.


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  • 2022


  • Orange

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Roter-Traminer, Gruner Veltliner

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Adventure Level

Middle of the Road


Niederösterreich, Austria

The Producer

About D'Ora

In 2000, Gerald, a fifth-generation winemaker with a wine management background, and Andrea Diem assumed control of Weingut Diem. Gerald oversees wine cultivation and vinification, while Andrea manages wine distribution and marketing.

About the Region

Niederösterreich, Austria

In the picturesque region of Niederösterreich, Austria, natural wine production flourishes amidst the stunning landscapes of rolling hills and fertile valleys. Winemakers in Niederösterreich embrace organic and biodynamic practices, nurturing indigenous grape varieties with meticulous care and respect for the land. The wines of Niederösterreich showcase the region's unique terroir, offering a diverse array of flavors that range from crisp, aromatic whites to elegant, velvety reds, each bottle a reflection of the cool climate and mineral-rich soils. With a commitment to minimal intervention in the cellar, these wines express a raw purity and vibrancy, inviting enthusiasts to experience the true essence of Niederösterreich's winemaking tradition with every sip.

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