Sanctus 2016

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Hand-harvested and aged for 9 months on skins in 350-liter amphora. A strong presence of red fruits, hints of cocoa, mint, and smooth tannins. Much darker and has far more depth than your regular Gamay!



  • 12%


  • 2016


  • Red

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Risotto, Pork Loin, Aged Cheese



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Loire Valley, France

Domaine de Majas Vineyard

The Producer

About Domaine de l'Ecu

At a time when modern oenology is triumphing (good or bad, it's up to you), we often tend to forget that a great wine is conceived above all in the vineyard: plowing the soil, controlled yields, disbudding, splitting, manual harvesting and respect for the biotope. Avant-garde, the Domaine de l'Ecu has been certified in organic farming since 1975 and in biodynamics since 1998 (Demeter) on all of its 24 hectares. We have also been Biodyvin certified since 2014. We have given up all technological artifice in the cellar to break with the wine standardization movement and preserve the link uniting each of our cuvées with a terroir and a vintage. Yeasting, enzyming, thermo-vinification, flash relaxation, reverse osmosis and other processes tending to standardize wines and the production of soulless wines are not allowed to be mentioned in our cellars. Our wines are without added So2 or minimum sulphites, by conviction, with So2 levels of around 30/40 mg / L, i.e. more than 2 times less than the threshold authorized by the Demeter standard (90 mg / L) which It wants to be itself already very restrictive vis-a-vis the organic standard (150 mg / L) and the European standard (210 mg / L and there is no typing error…). Obviously, but we wanted to remember it here: we make wines, real wines without frills or outrageous make-up! As such, we are proud to be part of the “Renaissance des Appellations” and “Biodyvin” Biodynamic winegrowers' groups who both advocate this respect for the terroir and this search for pure wine, without make-up or deception ... Our terroir cuvées are today present on the most beautiful tables in the world. From Noma (best restaurant in the world) to Bernardin in NY (3 ***) or Astrance in Paris (3 ***), the chefs trust us and put our wines in the spotlight. No need to be starred to work well, so you will find our wines in many gourmet and bistro restaurants held by chefs in love with local products and attached to quality products. No need to look for our wines in supermarkets either, we refuse to use these distribution channels dedicated to mass wines, contrary to our working philosophy ... You will therefore find our wines all over France in wine merchants. passionate, in love with the dive bottle and able to bring you THE advice that will allow you to leave with THE bottle that will give you pleasure. The circle is complete. - Domaine de L'Ecru