Champagne Brut Nature NV

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How do we love thee, Pinot Meunier? Let us count the ways: Jacques Selosse, Jérôme Prévost, Christophe Mignon. Of course, only one of these names can be consumed for under several hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars these days. Mignon is a fifth-generation farmer who works his land with a deep attention to natural cycles—lunar phases, soil biodiversity, etc. He applies homeopathic and biodynamic remedies to fight off sickness, and takes a light-touch approach to work in the cellar. All this culminates in grapes that have been cared for in the vineyard, picked at the peak of their ripeness, and then fermented into mostly dry, totally sumptuous sparkling wine. It's all Meyer lemons and Marcona almonds and toasty hay and... something else... maybe pure lunar energy? Definitely special stuff here.




  • 12.5%


  • NV


  • Sparkling

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 Pinot Meunier

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Vallée de la Marne, France

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